A Midsummer Night's Dream Overview Quiz

Test yourself on Shakespeare's play of fairies, fools, and foibles with eNotes' A Midsummer Night's Dream Overview Quiz. Includes questions on the lovers, tricksters, and plot of this classic comedy to help you in your studies.

  1. How many of the couples marry?

  2. What does Tatiana refuse to hand over to Oberon?

  3. Who is affected by the love potion first?

  4. After she is affected by the love potion, whom does Tatiana desire?

  5. Puck transform’s Bottom’s head into:

  6. Why does Puck mistake Lysander for Demetrius?

  7. Puck is best described as:

  8. How are the sleeping couples awakened?

  9. Why are Quince, Bottom, and the others gathering in the forest?

  10. What does Oberon ask the fairies to do after the wedding ceremony?

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