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A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

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What are two quotes from A Midsummer Night's Dream that show Oberon instructing Puck on using the love potion?

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The instructions that Oberon gives to Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow, are in act 2, scene 1, starting around line 225.

Prior to these lines, Oberon has asked Puck, a rather naughty fairy, to go search for a particular "little western flower" which he once witnessed wounded by the arrows of love. Oberon wants to use the juice from this flower as part of a magical trick, as it will cause someone to fall in love with the next creature they gaze upon after opening their eyes.

Here are some lines central to Puck's instructions in how to use the juice after Puck returns with it:

Anoint his eyes.
But do it when the next thing he espies
May be the lady. (270–272)

This is one way you could translate this into more modern English:

Rub the flower's juice onto his eyes. But be sure that the girl I mentioned before will be the next thing he sees when he opens his eyes.

Here are some further instructions for Puck:

Thou shalt know the man
By the Athenian garments he hath on.
Effect it with some care, that he may prove
More fond on her than she upon her love. (272–275)

And here is one way to translate those lines:

The guy you're looking for is wearing Athenian clothes, so you'll recognize him quickly. Be sure to follow my directions carefully so that when he awakes, he loves this woman even more than she loves him.

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