A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

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Test - A Midsummer Night's Dream

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Exam Cook – Spring 2009

Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper.

  • Who is the Duke of Athens?
  • Who is Queen of the Amazons?
  • Which man does Egeus want to marry his daughter?
  • What three options does Theseus give to Hermia?
  • What does Helena plan to do after learning of Lysander and Hermia’s plan?
  • What are the names of the six actors who are to perform “Pyramus and Thysby”?
  • What are some things that Puck does to give himself a bad reputation?
  • Why does Titania refuse to give Oberon the Changeling?
  • What happened to the white flower that Oberon describes to Puck?
  • Into whose eyes does Oberon instruct Puck to place love potion?
  • What are some things that Titania mentions are problems due to her fights with Oberon?
  • Which Athenian youth accidently receives the potion from Puck?
  • What happened in Hermia’s dream on the night that Lysander left her?
  • Whose head does Puck change into that of a donkey?
  • Titania instructs which four fairies to attend to her newfound lover’s needs?
  • What does Oberon suspect Puck of doing in terms of using the potion?
  • What does Bottom demand of the fairies serving him?
  • What does Bottom do to show he is not scared of what he thinks is a trick being played on him?
  • What does Titania eventually do to convince Oberon to remove her charm?
  • What does Bottom say he wants Quince to do upon waking?

Essay question (3 paragraphs) – 40 points

  • What do you think are Shakespeare’s attitudes toward the following groups of people, based on his developed characters in the play? 1. Women 2. Commoners/working class 3. Youth

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Short Answer/Essay test for A Midsummer Night's Dream.