A Midsummer Night's Dream Act IV, Scene 1: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act IV, Scene 1: Summary and Analysis

Bottom makes several absurd requests of the fairies as he and Titania chatter about whether to eat or sleep. They choose to sleep. Oberon and Puck come upon them while they sleep as Oberon explains to Puck that he is now in possession of the changeling and will take the spell from Titania. He does so, wakes her, and she is instantly in love with her husband, Oberon, again and repulsed by the ass-headed Bottom whom she had so recently adored. Oberon orders Puck to take the ass’s head from Bottom and Puck complies as Titania causes Bottom, Helena, Hermia, Demetrius, and Lysander to fall far more deeply asleep than they already are.

Theseus, Hippolyta, and Egeus arrive accompanied by the sound of...

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