A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Scene 1 Summary

Puck, a servant of Oberon (the fairy king) meets a fairy who serves Titania (the fairy queen). Puck comments on a changeling boy, who is currently serving as Titania’s attendant, and Oberon’s jealousy of him. Puck and the fairy talk about the tricks he (Puck) plays on mortals under the name Robin Goodfellow. The king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania, then each arrive with a retinue.

Oberon greets Titania with the line, “Ill met by moonlight,” and they continue their dispute over the changeling from India. Both accuse the other of having been unfaithful and both deny the other’s charges. The “forgeries of jealousy,” or consequences of their dispute, are so serious, Titania claims, that they have upset the balance of nature. Oberon demands the changeling, whom he wants to make his knight, but she refuses and leaves.

Oberon then calls on Puck to help him “torment” Titania for her stubbornness. Using a potent flower, “love-in-idleness,” Puck will drop a potion into her eyes; upon awakening, she...

(The entire section is 361 words.)