Midnight's Children

by Salman Rushdie

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What key issues are raised in the perforated sheet in Midnight's Children?

Expert Answers

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On some level the perforated sheet is a metaphorical representation of the cultural separation of men and women. The sheet serves as a barrier between men and women that is upheld as a tradition and ritual that is both accepted and expected by both genders. The sheet also represents the problem of sexual alienation, but also of sexual roles that are too rigidly held. The sheet symbolizes the fear and mystery surrounding sex, and also emphasizes the idea that sex is not about love or pleasure, but an act associated with fear, shame and rigid customs. The use of the sheet as a precursor to the sexual act reaffirms the acceptabiluty of shame and fear and the unwillingness to see sex in any other way: it is a barrier to "seeing" these truths just as it hides the persons on either side of it.

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