Prelude and Book One: Miss Brooke Questions and Answers

Prelude and Chapters 1-6
Study Questions

1. What is the reason Celia wants to divide their deceased mother's jewelry with Dorothea?

2. Who are the guests at dinner?

3. What gift does Chettam bring Dorothea?

4. What does Brooke bring Dorothea from his visit to Casaubon?

5. For what purpose does Casaubon want to marry Dorothea?

6. What is Dorothea's reason for marrying Casaubon?

7. What attempts does Brooke make to dissuade Dorothea from her decision?

8. In what way does Dorothea respond to Casaubon's proposal?

9. In what manner does Chettam express his dismay at Dorothea's engagement?

10. Why is Mrs. Cadwallader so disappointed in Dorothea's choice?

1. Celia would like to wear some of the jewelry left to her and her sister by their mother. Certain pieces would now be acceptable even to the most religious people. At Dorothea's request, they put the jewelry box away, upon receiving it, six months ago.

2. Brooke's dinner guests at Tipton Grange are to be Chettam- young baronet and neighbor who is in love with Dorothea and Casaubon, Brooke's old friend and near contemporary.

3. Chettam brings Dorothea a small, white Maltese puppy. She suggests he give the puppy to Celia.

4. Brooke brings some religious pamphlets, a letter to Dorothea, and a marriage proposal from his...

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Chapters 7-12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the first indication that Dorothea and Casaubon may have decided to marry too hastily?

2. For what reasons does Brooke allow Dorothea to accept Casaubon's proposal?

3. What is Chettam's purpose in asking Cadwallader to intervene?

4. When do Dorothea and Ladislaw first meet?

5. Why is Tucker answering all the questions about Lowick?

6. What is Mrs. Vincy's argument against Mary?

7. How are both the Vincys and the Garths related to Featherstone?

8. Why are all Featherstone's siblings gathered at Stone Court?

9. What is it that Featherstone discusses with Fred?

10. What evidence do we have that Rosamond and Lydgate are falling in love?

1. During her six-week engagement, Dorothea wants to learn to read Greek and Latin so that, once she is married, she may read to Casaubon in order to save his failing eyesight. He wants her to learn to write these languages, which indicates he would prefer to do the reading himself, alone.

2. Brooke is delighted that Casaubon may become a bishop and has money. He offers several reasons for Dorothea not to marry Casaubon, but she refutes each. She prefers a scholarly existence and thinks to have one as Casaubon's wife. She has always seemed to know her opinion. Brooke feels he cannot object to her having what it is she thinks she wants: marriage to...

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Book Two: Old and Young Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Bulstrode mention Tyke in discussing the new fever hospital with Lydgate?

2. What is Farebrother's rationale for disliking Bulstrode?

3. Explain Bulstrode's reluctance to write the letter Featherstone requested.

4. How are Lydgate and Farebrother alike?

5. What need is there for Farebrother to play whist and billiards?

6. Why is Lydgate determined to avoid romantic attachments?

7. What are Mary's objections to marrying Fred?

8. What are Lydgate's reasons for voting for Tyke?

9. How would you summarize the debate about coroners at Vincy's dinner party?

10. As a mother, what does Mrs. Farebrother have to say about her son?

1. Bulstrode mentions Tyke because the new hospital is to be located in Farebrother's parish. Bulstrode wants no other spiritual guide than Tyke to have the chaplaincy of the hospital.

2. Farebrother thinks Bulstrode dislikes him due to their being of different parties. Bulstrode and his cronies adopt a "holier-than-thou" attitude towards those not of their party.

3. Bulstrode thinks Fred borrowed money on the promise of Featherstone's inheritance, as Mrs. Waule reported. Bulstrode thinks it will curb his nephew's extravagance and strengthen his character if he doesn't write the letter.

4. Lydgate and Farebrother both enjoy scientific...

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Chapters 19-22 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Dorothea at the Vatican?

2. What is Naumann's reaction when he first sees Dorothea?

3. How does Ladislaw respond to Naumann on seeing Dorothea?

4. For what reason does Ladislaw refuse to ask Dorothea to sit for the portrait?

5. When she is alone, why does Dorothea sob?

6. What is it that prompts the argument between the Casaubons?

7. How would you describe the differences between Ladislaw's and Casaubon's outlooks on the world?

8. What is the purpose of Ladislaw's offer to return the next day?

9. For what reason does Ladislaw refer to Casaubon's refusal to learn German?

10. What prompts Ladislaw to say he will not come again?

1. Dorothea is in the sixth week of her honeymoon in Rome with Casaubon. She is looking at art while he pursues his studies at the Vatican.

2. When Naumann first sees Dorothea, he runs to find Ladislaw to show him this example of beauty in life and convince him that the rich, older husband will certainly pay handsomely for her portrait.

3. Ladislaw tells Naumann that she will not want to be painted and that she is married to his second cousin. They argue because of Naumann's single-minded failure to understand why anyone would not want to be painted by him.

4. Ladislaw doesn't want to ask her to sit for the portrait because Naumann...

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Book Three: Waiting for Death Questions and Answers

Chapters 23-28
Study Questions

1. What does Diamond have to do with Fred repaying the loan?

2. Why does Mrs. Garth become so angry?

3. What is Mary's reaction to Fred's news?

4. What is Fred's purpose in declaring Mary will never have to speak to him again?

5. After Fred leaves, why does Caleb go to Stone Court?

6. What is Wrench's mistake when Fred becomes ill?

7. In what manner does Rosamond involve Lydgate in Fred's illness?

8. How do Rosamond and Lydgate become well acquainted?

9. Why isn't Mrs. Vincy watching out for her daughter's interests?

10. What were the circumstances under which Celia and Chettam become engaged?

1. In order to raise money to repay his debt, Fred was going to use his horse plus 30 pounds to buy Diamond, then sell him for the 80 pounds he was worth.

2. Mrs. Garth is so angry because she knew nothing of her husband's co-signing the loan. Now that Diamond has lamed himself, her family is going to have to repay Fred's loan.

3. Mary is distraught that Alfred's tuition and her parents' savings will have to be used to repay the debt. She professes not to be upset that her own savings will have to be used also.

4. Fred believes Mary thinks the worst of him and wants nothing to do with him. He loves her, so he intends to leave her alone.


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Chapters 29-33 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. About what do Dorothea and her husband argue?

2. In what way does Casaubon put a stop to the dispute?

3. For what reason are all his siblings at Featherstone's home?

4. In what manner do Featherstone's siblings treat Mary?

5. What is the purpose of Mrs. Vincy's presence at Stone Court?

6. How has it happened that Lydgate is Casaubon's physician?

7. In private, about what does Lydgate speak to Dorothea?

8. What request does Featherstone make of Mary?

9. What is Featherstone's objective in wanting his iron chest?

10. To what resolution does this last conflict between Mary and her uncle come?

1. Casaubon receives a letter, from Ladislaw, with another letter in it to Dorothea. As he is giving this to her, Casaubon tells her in no uncertain terms he is not interested in having Ladislaw visit. Dorothea takes offense that her husband thinks she might want to do something annoying to him, such as this visit.

2. Casaubon pleads the need to get back to his work.

3. Featherstone's brothers and sisters, even the rich ones, are eager to make certain their names are in his will. He is dying, so this may be their last chance.

4. Most of Featherstone's relatives are unkind to Mary. They seem not to realize all the extra demands they make on her. Some of them seem to accuse her...

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Book Four: Three Love Problems Questions and Answers

Chapters 34-37
Study Questions

1. Who is conducting Featherstone's funeral?

2. Which people have gathered at Lowick Gate?

3. Why has Brooke come there?

4. What are the provisions of the will Featherstone's lawyer thought he would be reading?

5. Why are these terms revoked?

6. What is Fred's reaction when the latest will is read?

7. What is Vincy's purpose in wanting Rosamond to wait to be married?

8. What is Lydgate doing while unaware of Vincy's decree?

9. What prompts Ladislaw to visit Dorothea?

10. In what manner does Casaubon respond to Ladislaw's latest visit?


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Chapters 38-42 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Brooke planning to do?

2. Why are Chettam and the Cadwalladers opposed to this plan?

3. What proposal does Chettam bring to Brooke?

4. What attempts does Chettam make to convince Brooke to do as he wants?

5. About what does Ladislaw speak to Dorothea?

6. For what reason does Brooke leave with Dorothea?

7. In what manner does Dagley treat Brooke?

8. How is Mary saved from taking a position of which she is not fond?

9. What is Farebrother's message to the Garths from Fred?

10. For what purpose has Raffles come to Stone Court?

1. Brooke has decided to stand...

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Book Five: The Dead Hand Questions and Answers

Chapters 43-47
Study Questions

1. What does Dorothea's asking Lydgate about her husband's condition further weakens her marriage?

2. Why is Ladislaw distressed that Dorothea finds him visiting with Rosamond?

3. What request does Lydgate make of Dorothea?

4. What is the local opinion of the new doctor?

5. How is Bulstrode harming Lydgate's progress in Middlemarch?

6. Farebrother offers Lydgate what advice?

7. Ladislaw decides he must take what course of action?

8. Why isn't Ladislaw readily accepted in his new home?

9. How does Ladislaw spend his time?

10. Why does Lydgate withhold information from...

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Chapters 48-53 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Casaubon's usual method of having his wife work with him?

2. What are the circumstances of Casaubon's death?

3. Casaubon adds what codicil to his will?

4. What warning did Dorothea have of this codicil?

5. For what reason does Ladislaw think he should leave Middlemarch?

6. What is Brooke's motive in resisting the idea of sending Ladislaw away?

7. What is the purpose in Farebrother's going to see Mary?

8. Of what is it that Mary has a fleeting impression?

9. Why is Bulstrode at Stone Court?

10. What astounding information do we know of Bulstrode's past?



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Book Six: The Widow and His Wife Questions and Answers

Chapters 54-58
Study Questions

1. What motive does Dorothea have in rejecting the suggestion to have a companion once she returns to Lowick Manor?

2. Why isn't Dorothea disturbed by the discussion about remarriage before the end of the year of a widow's mourning?

3. For what reason is Caleb at the site of the fracas?

4. How is it that Fred happens to be nearby when the farm laborers threaten the railway workers?

5. For what does Fred ask Caleb?

6. What are Mrs. Garth's initial objections?

7. What is Fred's purpose in going to the parsonage?

8. In what manner did Rosamond lose her baby?

9. After Ladislaw...

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Chapters 59-62 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What has happened to the siblings?

2. Why does Lydgate tell Rosamond not to mention the codicil to Ladislaw?

3. For what reason does Rosamond tell Ladislaw about the codicil?

4. What are the circumstances under which Ladislaw and Raffles meet?

5. About what does Raffles question Ladislaw?

6. What is the purpose in Raffles seeking Bulstrode?

7. What is Bulstrode's motive in sending for Ladislaw?

8. What response does Ladislaw have to Bulstrode's proposition?

9. Why does Ladislaw want to see Dorothea?

10. How do Ladislaw and Dorothea accidentally meet?

1. There is...

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Book Seven: Two Temptations Questions and Answers

Chapters 63-67
Study Questions

1. What do the Middlemarch locals have to say about Lydgate on New Year's Day?

2. Of what does Farebrother speak privately to Lydgate?

3. What is Lydgate's plan as a partial solution to his money woes?

4. In what way does Rosamond thwart her husband's plan?

5. For what reason has his uncle sent Lydgate a nasty letter?

6. What is the purpose of Fred's being at the Green Dragon?

To convince Lydgate to leave the Green Dragon, Fred uses what lie?

8. What is the content of Farebrother's discussion with Fred?

9. Lydgate receives what news from Bulstrode?

10. After their...

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Chapters 68-71 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why has Raffles returned to Stone Court?

2. For what reason does Caleb decline to work for Bulstrode?

3. Lydgate has left what instructions concerning Raffles?

4. In what manner does Bulstrode fulfill these instructions?

5. What has Mrs. Abel to do with Raffles' death?

6. What motive does Bulstrode have in changing his mind about the loan to Lydgate?

7. Farebrother has what purpose in stopping Lydgate to speak with him privately?

8. What is Hawley's logic in piecing together what he thinks has happened?

9. What happens to Bulstrode at the town meeting?

10. How is Lydgate further implicated in...

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Book Eight: Sunset and Sunrise Questions and Answers

Chapters 72-80
Study Questions

1. What is foremost in Dorothea's mind when he hears of Lydgate's troubles?

2. In sending for Lydgate, what is Dorothea's supposed purpose?

3. Why hasn't Lydgate told Rosamond of his troubles yet?

4. What has happened to Bulstrode?.

5. How is Rosamond made even more distraught?

6. In what manner has it happened that the Lydgates' maid doesn't know Ladislaw is at their home?

7. What does Dorothea bring with her to the Lydgates' home?

8. Why doesn't Dorothea stay to speak with Rosamond as she had promised?

9. When Dorothea arrives at the Farebrothers' what happens?


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Chapters 81-86 and Finale Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. For what reason does Rosamond see Dorothea?

2. What is Dorothea's method in convincing Rosamond that Lydgate is the injured party?

3. What does Dorothea have to say about the Lydgates' relationship?

4. During her meeting with Rosamond, why is Dorothea so sad?

5. In what way does Rosamond try to help Dorothea?

6. What is the purpose in Miss Noble's coming to Lowick Manor?

7. What information does Ladislaw give Dorothea?

8. What reaction did Chettam have to the news of Dorothea's impending marriage?

9. How is the reconciliation between the former Brooke sisters achieved?

10. How did Fred and Mary...

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