Middlemarch Chapters 7-12 Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Chapters 7-12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the first indication that Dorothea and Casaubon may have decided to marry too hastily?

2. For what reasons does Brooke allow Dorothea to accept Casaubon's proposal?

3. What is Chettam's purpose in asking Cadwallader to intervene?

4. When do Dorothea and Ladislaw first meet?

5. Why is Tucker answering all the questions about Lowick?

6. What is Mrs. Vincy's argument against Mary?

7. How are both the Vincys and the Garths related to Featherstone?

8. Why are all Featherstone's siblings gathered at Stone Court?

9. What is it that Featherstone discusses with Fred?

10. What evidence do we have that Rosamond and Lydgate are falling in love?

1. During her six-week engagement, Dorothea wants to learn to read Greek and Latin so that, once she is married, she may read to Casaubon in order to save his failing eyesight. He wants her to learn to write these languages, which indicates he would prefer to do the reading himself, alone.

2. Brooke is delighted that Casaubon may become a bishop and has money. He offers several reasons for Dorothea not to marry Casaubon, but she refutes each. She prefers a scholarly existence and thinks to have one as Casaubon's wife. She has always seemed to know her opinion. Brooke feels he cannot object to her having what it is she thinks she wants: marriage to...

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