Middlemarch Chapters 59-62 Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Chapters 59-62 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What has happened to the siblings?

2. Why does Lydgate tell Rosamond not to mention the codicil to Ladislaw?

3. For what reason does Rosamond tell Ladislaw about the codicil?

4. What are the circumstances under which Ladislaw and Raffles meet?

5. About what does Raffles question Ladislaw?

6. What is the purpose in Raffles seeking Bulstrode?

7. What is Bulstrode's motive in sending for Ladislaw?

8. What response does Ladislaw have to Bulstrode's proposition?

9. Why does Ladislaw want to see Dorothea?

10. How do Ladislaw and Dorothea accidentally meet?

1. There is a distance between the siblings since Fred announced his engagement to Mary and gave up all thoughts of entering the clergy.

2. Lydgate knows Ladislaw cares for Dorothea. That would make this codicil even more painful to Ladislaw. He cautions Rosamond not to mention it to their friend.

3. Rosamond thinks Ladislaw knows of the codicil and has stayed because he and Dorothea are so in love that they will marry. She is also bored and wants to stir him up.

4. Trumbull invites Ladislaw to an auction in order to bid on some paintings. Raffles manages to be there at the same time.

5. Raffles questions Ladislaw about his mother's name, whether his father had been ill, and if his parents still live.

6. Raffles has used up most of the 200 pounds Bulstrode gave him to go away and be quiet; now he wants more money.

7. Bulstrode is afraid Raffles will tell Ladislaw the truth. Bulstrode decides to offer Ladislaw a financial settlement.

8. Ladislaw thinks Bulstrode's proposal is thoroughly dishonorable. The money was earned by thievery and the employment of convicts.

9. Ladislaw wants to see Dorothea one last time to tell her that he is still going to London to earn his living at writing and speaking. He has decided to never come back to Middlemarch.

10. Dorothea and he meet accidentally in her uncle's library. She goes there to flee Mrs. Cadwallader. He is there looking for some papers.