Middlemarch Chapters 48-53 Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Chapters 48-53 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Casaubon's usual method of having his wife work with him?

2. What are the circumstances of Casaubon's death?

3. Casaubon adds what codicil to his will?

4. What warning did Dorothea have of this codicil?

5. For what reason does Ladislaw think he should leave Middlemarch?

6. What is Brooke's motive in resisting the idea of sending Ladislaw away?

7. What is the purpose in Farebrother's going to see Mary?

8. Of what is it that Mary has a fleeting impression?

9. Why is Bulstrode at Stone Court?

10. What astounding information do we know of Bulstrode's past?



(The entire section is 438 words.)