Middlemarch Chapters 38-42 Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Chapters 38-42 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Brooke planning to do?

2. Why are Chettam and the Cadwalladers opposed to this plan?

3. What proposal does Chettam bring to Brooke?

4. What attempts does Chettam make to convince Brooke to do as he wants?

5. About what does Ladislaw speak to Dorothea?

6. For what reason does Brooke leave with Dorothea?

7. In what manner does Dagley treat Brooke?

8. How is Mary saved from taking a position of which she is not fond?

9. What is Farebrother's message to the Garths from Fred?

10. For what purpose has Raffles come to Stone Court?

1. Brooke has decided to stand for Parliament and is using the Pioneer, under Ladislaw's editorship, as his political voice.

2. Chettam and the Cadwalladers are opposed to Brooke's plan. He is being publicly denounced, through the Trumpet, as a poor landlord. They fear he doesn't realize he is exposing his private life to public scrutiny.

3. Chettam proposes that Brooke rehire Caleb, who was dismissed 12 years ago, to manage Tipton. Chettam will also hire Caleb to manage his estates.

4. Chettam has Dorothea visit Brooke and speak as if it were a foregone conclusion that he will repair and improve the cottages he rents to his tenants.

5. Ladislaw tells Dorothea that Casaubon has written him a letter saying Ladislaw is no longer welcome in their home.

6. Brooke leaves with Dorothea to see Dagley, one of his tenants whose son has been caught poaching.

7. Dagley insults Brooke and denounces him as a bad landlord who should not be managing his own cottages.

8. A letter arrives from Chettam offering Caleb the management of both Tipton and Chettam's estates. This will afford an income such that Mary will not have to add an income for the family, which frees her from taking the position she really didn't like.

9. Fred sends Farebrother to the Garths to tell them he has gone back to school and is too miserable at being unable to repay the debt to come in person to say good-bye.

10. Raffles comes to Stone Court because he wants to cajole money from his estranged stepson now that Riggs has inherited Featherstone's property.