Middlemarch Chapters 29-33 Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Chapters 29-33 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. About what do Dorothea and her husband argue?

2. In what way does Casaubon put a stop to the dispute?

3. For what reason are all his siblings at Featherstone's home?

4. In what manner do Featherstone's siblings treat Mary?

5. What is the purpose of Mrs. Vincy's presence at Stone Court?

6. How has it happened that Lydgate is Casaubon's physician?

7. In private, about what does Lydgate speak to Dorothea?

8. What request does Featherstone make of Mary?

9. What is Featherstone's objective in wanting his iron chest?

10. To what resolution does this last conflict between Mary and her uncle come?

1. Casaubon receives a letter, from Ladislaw, with another letter in it to Dorothea. As he is giving this to her, Casaubon tells her in no uncertain terms he is not interested in having Ladislaw visit. Dorothea takes offense that her husband thinks she might want to do something annoying to him, such as this visit.

2. Casaubon pleads the need to get back to his work.

3. Featherstone's brothers and sisters, even the rich ones, are eager to make certain their names are in his will. He is dying, so this may be their last chance.

4. Most of Featherstone's relatives are unkind to Mary. They seem not to realize all the extra demands they make on her. Some of them seem to accuse her...

(The entire section is 410 words.)