Middlemarch Chapters 19-22 Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Chapters 19-22 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Dorothea at the Vatican?

2. What is Naumann's reaction when he first sees Dorothea?

3. How does Ladislaw respond to Naumann on seeing Dorothea?

4. For what reason does Ladislaw refuse to ask Dorothea to sit for the portrait?

5. When she is alone, why does Dorothea sob?

6. What is it that prompts the argument between the Casaubons?

7. How would you describe the differences between Ladislaw's and Casaubon's outlooks on the world?

8. What is the purpose of Ladislaw's offer to return the next day?

9. For what reason does Ladislaw refer to Casaubon's refusal to learn German?

10. What prompts Ladislaw to say he will not come again?

1. Dorothea is in the sixth week of her honeymoon in Rome with Casaubon. She is looking at art while he pursues his studies at the Vatican.

2. When Naumann first sees Dorothea, he runs to find Ladislaw to show him this example of beauty in life and convince him that the rich, older husband will certainly pay handsomely for her portrait.

3. Ladislaw tells Naumann that she will not want to be painted and that she is married to his second cousin. They argue because of Naumann's single-minded failure to understand why anyone would not want to be painted by him.

4. Ladislaw doesn't want to ask her to sit for the portrait because Naumann...

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