Middlemarch Book Two: Old and Young Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Book Two: Old and Young Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Bulstrode mention Tyke in discussing the new fever hospital with Lydgate?

2. What is Farebrother's rationale for disliking Bulstrode?

3. Explain Bulstrode's reluctance to write the letter Featherstone requested.

4. How are Lydgate and Farebrother alike?

5. What need is there for Farebrother to play whist and billiards?

6. Why is Lydgate determined to avoid romantic attachments?

7. What are Mary's objections to marrying Fred?

8. What are Lydgate's reasons for voting for Tyke?

9. How would you summarize the debate about coroners at Vincy's dinner party?

10. As a mother, what does Mrs. Farebrother have to say about her son?

1. Bulstrode mentions Tyke because the new hospital is to be located in Farebrother's parish. Bulstrode wants no other spiritual guide than Tyke to have the chaplaincy of the hospital.

2. Farebrother thinks Bulstrode dislikes him due to their being of different parties. Bulstrode and his cronies adopt a "holier-than-thou" attitude towards those not of their party.

3. Bulstrode thinks Fred borrowed money on the promise of Featherstone's inheritance, as Mrs. Waule reported. Bulstrode thinks it will curb his nephew's extravagance and strengthen his character if he doesn't write the letter.

4. Lydgate and Farebrother both enjoy scientific...

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