Middlemarch Book Three: Waiting for Death Questions and Answers

George Eliot

Book Three: Waiting for Death Questions and Answers

Chapters 23-28
Study Questions

1. What does Diamond have to do with Fred repaying the loan?

2. Why does Mrs. Garth become so angry?

3. What is Mary's reaction to Fred's news?

4. What is Fred's purpose in declaring Mary will never have to speak to him again?

5. After Fred leaves, why does Caleb go to Stone Court?

6. What is Wrench's mistake when Fred becomes ill?

7. In what manner does Rosamond involve Lydgate in Fred's illness?

8. How do Rosamond and Lydgate become well acquainted?

9. Why isn't Mrs. Vincy watching out for her daughter's interests?

10. What were the circumstances under which Celia and Chettam become engaged?

1. In order to raise money to repay his debt, Fred was going to use his horse plus 30 pounds to buy Diamond, then sell him for the 80 pounds he was worth.

2. Mrs. Garth is so angry because she knew nothing of her husband's co-signing the loan. Now that Diamond has lamed himself, her family is going to have to repay Fred's loan.

3. Mary is distraught that Alfred's tuition and her parents' savings will have to be used to repay the debt. She professes not to be upset that her own savings will have to be used also.

4. Fred believes Mary thinks the worst of him and wants nothing to do with him. He loves her, so he intends to leave her alone.


(The entire section is 405 words.)