Prelude and Book One: Miss Brooke Questions and Answers

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Prelude and Chapters 1-6
Study Questions

1. What is the reason Celia wants to divide their deceased mother's jewelry with Dorothea?

2. Who are the guests at dinner?

3. What gift does Chettam bring Dorothea?

4. What does Brooke bring Dorothea from his visit to Casaubon?

5. For what purpose does Casaubon want to marry Dorothea?

6. What is Dorothea's reason for marrying Casaubon?

7. What attempts does Brooke make to dissuade Dorothea from her decision?

8. In what way does Dorothea respond to Casaubon's proposal?

9. In what manner does Chettam express his dismay at Dorothea's engagement?

10. Why is Mrs. Cadwallader so disappointed in Dorothea's choice?

1. Celia would like to wear some of the jewelry left to her and her sister by their mother. Certain pieces would now be acceptable even to the most religious people. At Dorothea's request, they put the jewelry box away, upon receiving it, six months ago.

2. Brooke's dinner guests at Tipton Grange are to be Chettam- young baronet and neighbor who is in love with Dorothea and Casaubon, Brooke's old friend and near contemporary.

3. Chettam brings Dorothea a small, white Maltese puppy. She suggests he give the puppy to Celia.

4. Brooke brings some religious pamphlets, a letter to Dorothea, and a marriage proposal from his visit to Casaubon.

5. Casaubon wants to marry Dorothea because he wants a devoted and intellectual companion. His conversations with her have convinced him she will be charming and helpful in ending his loneliness and in aiding him with his work.

6. Dorothea feels it would be an honor to be Casaubon's companion. She sees him as an older man who would be able to help her formulate her own opinions. She wants the opportunity to learn from him.

7. Brooke tries to dissuade Dorothea from her decision to marry Casaubon by reminding her he is 27 years her senior and a moper. He prefers his books over people. Brooke wonders that he has known Casaubon for almost ten years but still doesn't know his ideas. Brooke also worries about Casaubon's health.

8. Dorothea accepts Casaubon's proposal with gratitude and great hopes for happiness once they are wed. She admires him and wants to learn from him. She believes marrying a scholar would be good for her.

9. Chettam expresses his dismay at Dorothea's engagement by becoming outraged and disgusted that her uncle would allow her to marry such an old man who is so boringly scholarly. He observes to Mrs. Cadwallader that Dorothea's friends should attempt to intervene. Brooke obviously will not.

10. Mrs. Cadwallader indicates her disappointment by telling Chettam how inappropriate it would have been for him to marry Dorothea when it is patently clear that his temperament is much more suited to marriage with Celia.

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