Sample Essay Outlines

Topic #1
Four pairs of lovers have achieved successful marriages through very different, difficult paths. How did they do this?

I. Thesis Statement: In George Eliot's Middlemarch, four couples have circuitously followed various paths to happy marriages.

II. Dorothea and Ladislaw

A. Ladislaw's repudiation of Casaubon's financial support
B. Rosamond's admission to Dorothea that Ladislaw loves only Dorothea
C. Ladislaw's return to Middlemarch to tell Dorothea he would not cause her to become penniless by marrying her regardless of the codicil to her deceased husband's will
D. Dorothea's explaining that she has a private income other than her inheritance

III. Rosamond and Lydgate

A. Dorothea's visiting Rosamond to proclaim Lydgate's innocence and dread of further hurting his wife
B. Ladislaw's declaration of love for Dorothea, not her
C. Bulstrode's leaving town and any association with Lydgate
D. Dorothea's loan of 1,000 pounds so that they may not be in debt to Bulstrode and still keep their home

IV Fred and Mary

A. Fred finishing school
B. Mary declaring her love for Fred, not Farebrother
C. Caleb employing Fred
D. Mrs. Bulstrode asking her husband to help her family which leads him to tell her to have Caleb engage Fred (under his supervision) to manage Stone Court and reside in it with Mary

V. Celia and Chettam

A. Dorothea telling Celia she views Chettam as an excellent brother-in-law
B. Chettam liking Dorothea's plans for the cottages and wanting to build them on his estates
C. Dorothea marrying Casaubon and leaving for a six-week honeymoon
D. Chettam continuing to come to Tipton Grange to discuss the cottages and staying to chat with Celia

Topic #2
Ladislaw is something of a mystery until well into the novel. How has George...

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