List of Characters

Dorothea Brooke (Dodo)—Celia's older sister; married to Casaubon until his death, during which time she lived at Lowick Manor; later marries Ladislaw; lived with her uncle and sister at Brooke's home, Tipton Grange, until her marriage, at age 20, to Casaubon.

Celia Brooke (Kitty)—Dorothea's younger sister; marries Chettam and moves to his home, Freshitt Hall, after having lived with her uncle and sister at Tipton Grange; the mother of the baby, Arthur

Brooke—Dorothea and Cella's uncle; member of the board of the new fever hospital; friend of Casaubon for more than ten years.

Ladislaw—Casaubon's second cousin; Dorothea's second husband; Bulstrode's secret stepgrandson via Bulstrode's first wife; close friend of the Lydgates, works for Brooke; newly arrived to the area from Rome, where he had been studying art.

Lydgate—Innovative young doctor who is new to the area; studied medicine in Paris; marries Rosamond; befriends the also newly arrived Ladislaw; chief medical superintendent of the new hospital.

Rosamond (Rosy)—Daughter of Vincy; sister of Fred; married to Lydgate; niece through marriage of Bulstrode; niece of Featherstone.

Bulstrode—Banker; secret step-grandfather of Ladislaw via his first wife; head of the board of the new fever hospital; brother-in-law to Vincy via his wife, Harriet; uncle to Fred and Rosamond; calls his home "The Shrubs"; bought Stone Court from Joshua Rigg.

Fred Vincy—Son of the mayor; brother to Rosamond; in love with Mary; favored nephew of the rich and dying Featherstone.

Joshua Rigg—Inherits Featherstone's land, home (Stone Court), and most of his possessions, providing he add Featherstone to his name; probably Featherstone's son; sells Stone Court to Bulstrode.


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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Dorothea “Dodo” Brooke

Dorothea “Dodo” Brooke, the sensitive and well-bred heroine, who, in her desire to devote herself to something meaningful, marries an arid clerical scholar, Edward Casaubon. After Casaubon’s death, Dorothea, against the advice of friends and family, marries Will Ladislaw, an impulsive artist anad political thinker. Dorothea also befriends the progressive young doctor of Middlemarch, Tertius Lydgate.

The Reverend Edward Casaubon

The Reverend Edward Casaubon, the clergyman at Lowick, near Middlemarch. Casaubon is a gloomy, severe, unimaginative, and unsuccessful scholar who soon destroys Dorothea’s enthusiasm. He is so jealous of Dorothea’s friendship with his cousin, Will Ladislaw, that he adds a codicil to his will depriving Dorothea of his property should she marry his younger relative.

Will Ladislaw

Will Ladislaw, Casaubon’s young cousin, whose English heritage is mixed with alien Polish blood. Ladislaw is forceful, imaginative, energetic, and unconventional. An artist and a liberal, he represents an appropriate object of devotion for Dorothea, although many in Middlemarch are shocked by his views. After marrying Dorothea, he becomes a member of Parliament.

Celia “Kitty” Brooke

Celia “Kitty” Brooke, Dorothea’s younger sister, a calm and placid young lady. She has none of Dorothea’s aspirations, but she is affectionate. She marries Sir James Chettam, a staid landowner.

Sir James Chettam

Sir James Chettam, the owner of Freshitt Hall. A conservative gentleman, Sir James loves first Dorothea, then Celia, whom he happily weds.

Dr. Tertius Lydgate

Dr. Tertius Lydgate, a young doctor who comes to Middlemarch to establish a new hospital along progressive lines and to pursue scientific research. His noble career is destroyed by his improvident marriage and consequent debts.

Rosamond Vincy Lydgate

Rosamond Vincy Lydgate, the beautiful, spoiled, and selfish daugher of the mayor of Middlemarch. Once married, she insists on living in a style that her husband, Dr. Lydgate, cannot afford.

Mr. Arthur Brooke

Mr. Arthur Brooke, of Tipton Grange, the genial, rambling, and ineffectual uncle of Dorothea and Celia. His vague benevolence leads him to run for Parliament; he is soundly beaten.

Fred Vincy

Fred Vincy, Rosamond’s brother, equally spoiled but less selfish. Although Fred gets into debt as a student and rebels against his family’s plans to establish him as a respectable vicar, he later reforms, becomes an industrious farmer, and marries Mary Garth.

Mary Garth

Mary Garth, the level-headed, competent daughter of a large, old-fashioned family securely tied to the land. She takes care of her aged, ailing relative, Peter Featherstone, before she marries Fred Vincy, her childhood sweetheart.


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