Middlemarch Chapters 81-86 and Finale Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 81-86 and Finale Summary and Analysis

When Dorothea reaches the Lydgates' home, Dr. Lydgate is still there and tells her he is certain his wife will see her. First, he wants to thank Dorothea for the check. Afraid of having to tell her husband why she declines to see Dorothea, Rosamond joins her in the drawing room, where she sees Dorothea is worn and close to tears. The two women talk and cry together as Dorothea gently explains how the problem was not Lydgate's fault. He did not tell Rosamond for fear of hurting her even more. Dorothea allows Rosamond to see her pain, which serves to begin a friendship between them. Rosamond confesses to Dorothea that she received the wrong impression the day before; Ladislaw was really telling Rosamond he was in...

(The entire section is 808 words.)