Middlemarch Chapters 7-12 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 7-12 Summary and Analysis

New Characters: Ladislaw: Casaubon's second cousin via his mother's sister, visiting from journeys abroad to study art, financed by Casaubon

Lydgate: newly arrived from studying medicine in Paris, he has

bought Peacock's medical practice and is to be the medical superintendent of the new fever hospital

Rosamond: Fred's sister who has declined to nurse her dying uncle and would prefer to marry someone who is not from Middlemarch

Fred: Rosamond's playboy brother who is the favorite nephew of the rich and dying Featherstone

Vincy: a manufacturer and the mayor of Middlemarch who is the father of Fred, Bob, and Rosamond; Featherstone's brother-in-law through...

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