Middlemarch Chapters 68-71 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 68-71 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mrs. Abel: Bulstrode's servant at Stone Court who nurses the ill Raffles while Bulstrode sleeps

Hawley: a Middlemarch lawyer who inquires into the rumors about Bulstrode's conduct with Raffles

Hopkins: the undertaker who buried Raffles

Raffles visited Bulstrode. Bulstrode was terrified his wife would overhear Raffles' ranting and raving. He offered Raffles the choice between having money for the rest of his life in return for his silence and disappearance from Middlemarch or having a policeman remove him. If he should tell his tales, Bulstrode swears no one will believe them. Raffles left a richer, sicker man.

As Bulstrode prepares for...

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