Middlemarch Chapters 59-62 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 59-62 Summary and Analysis

Rosamond tells Ladislaw not to go to London. Dorothea likes him far more than her fortune. When he demands to know what she is talking about, Rosamond tells Ladislaw about the codicil. He leaves, astonished, declaring he will never marry Dorothea. Unbeknownst to Lydgate, Rosamond has gone to her father for financial aid and been refused. An auction is held locally, to which Trumbull invites Ladislaw. Raffles accosts Ladislaw, asking if his mother was Sarah Dunkirk. Startled, Ladislaw challenges Raffles, who only asks if his parents are still alive.

During an unplanned encounter that evening, Raffles talks of when Ladislaw was small, how much he resembles his father, and wonders aloud why his mother...

(The entire section is 762 words.)