Middlemarch Chapters 48-53 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 48-53 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Sarah Dunkirk Ladislaw: Ladislaw's mother and Bulstrode's secret stepdaughter

Dorothea realizes she cannot please her husband. He has reversed his aversion to having her work with him. Casaubon asks his wife to work with him after dinner. Later, in bed, she reads to him as usual. He complains of discomfort and asks if she will follow his wishes for her should he die. Dorothea pleads to think this over at least until morning. They meet in the library the next morning. She tells him she will join him in the garden with her answer. She can't answer him; he has died in the garden while awaiting her decision. Lydgate is then called to attend her since she has become delirious....

(The entire section is 1182 words.)