Middlemarch Chapters 38-42 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 38-42 Summary and Analysis

New Characters: Dagley: one of Brooke's tenants whose son has been found poaching and who insults Brooke

Raffles: Rigg's estranged stepfather

Brooke is thinking of becoming a candidate for Parliament. He has made Ladislaw the editor of the Pioneer, which upsets the Cadwalladers and Chettams. Chettam wants Brooke to ask Caleb, who Brooke dismissed 12 years ago, to return to the management of his property. Chettam will also ask Caleb to manage his estates. When Brooke arrives unexpectedly, Cadwallader gives him a copy of the Trumpet in which Brooke is attacked. Mrs. Cadwallader tries to dissuade Brooke by bringing up the expense of being a candidate, since it is known that Brooke is...

(The entire section is 1095 words.)