Middlemarch Chapters 29-33 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 29-33 Summary and Analysis

New Characters: Mrs. Plymdale: Ned's mother and Harriet Bulstrode's friend

Trumbull: an auctioneer and second cousin to Featherstone who takes a keen interest in Mary

Dorothea is aiding her husband in his study. He gives her a letter from Ladislaw, which had been enclosed in a letter to him. They have harsh words before she even reads the letter. He ends the dispute by pleading the necessity of returning to his work. Dorothea also returns to her work, leaving the letter unread. Casaubon has some sort of attack and is in danger of fainting. Once he is resting comfortably, Chettam arrives and recommends they send for Lydgate. While happy in his marriage, Chettam still regrets that...

(The entire section is 875 words.)