Middlemarch Chapters 19-22 Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Chapters 19-22 Summary and Analysis

New Characters: Naumann: Ladislaw's German art teacher and friend, with whom he lives in Rome

Tantripp: Celia and Dorothea's longtime maid, who accompanies Dorothea on her honeymoon

Ladislaw and Naumann come across Dorothea in the Vatican, where Casaubon has just left her. Naumann wants Ladislaw to speak to her about sitting for a portrait, but Ladislaw explains she is on her honeymoon and has just married his second cousin. Naumann insists. Dorothea is upset that Casaubon is not affectionate, and he does not want her to help him with his work. They argued before separating for the day.

Ladislaw visits them when Casaubon is not home. Dorothea entertains him alone. She...

(The entire section is 769 words.)