Middlemarch Book Two: Old and Young Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Book Two: Old and Young Summary and Analysis

Chapters 13-18
New Characters:

Farebrother: a vicar who could become the chaplain of the new hospital

Tyke: Bulstrode's choice for the chaplaincy of the new hospital

Miss Noble: the sister of Farebrother's mother; lives with Farebrother, his mother, and sister Winifred

Madame Laure: the actress who murdered her husband onstage and is the one woman Lydgate has loved in the past

Bulstrode and Lydgate meet at the bank to discuss the new fever hospital. Bulstrode makes it clear to Lydgate that he wants Tyke, not Farebrother, to be its chaplain. Vincy has already arrived to ask Bulstrode for the letter Featherstone wants from Fred. After...

(The entire section is 894 words.)