Middlemarch Book Seven: Two Temptations Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Book Seven: Two Temptations Summary and Analysis

Chapters 63-67
New Characters:

Toller, Minchen, Chichely: Middlemarchers who are opposed to Lydgate's medical practices and position in the new hospital

Standish: lawyer who wrote Featherstone's first wills

Toller, Minchen, and Chichely visit with Farebrother. They discuss Lydgate and his expenses. Farebrother suspects he may be taking opiates. At a New Year's Day party; Farebrother notices Vincy speaks as little as possible to his son-in-law. Rosamond seems to disregard her husband. Farebrother finds a moment to discreetly offer Lydgate help, which only causes Lydgate to privately consider suicide. He now needs 1,000 pounds to settle his debts. He continues...

(The entire section is 949 words.)