Middlemarch Book Five: The Dead Hand Summary and Analysis

George Eliot

Book Five: The Dead Hand Summary and Analysis

Chapters 43-47
New Character:

Nancy Nash: the patient misdiagnosed by another doctor and successfully treated by Lydgate

Dorothea calls at Lydgate's and finds Ladislaw and Rosamond; Lydgate is at the hospital. Ladislaw is mortified to be found alone with another woman, not realizing Rosamond sees he adores Dorothea. Dorothea wonders why Rosamond entertains another man when her husband is not home. While Dorothea is with Lydgate at the hospital, asking if there is any change in her husband's condition, she agrees to donate handsomely to the new hospital. He tells her of the opposition in the town to helping the hospital because of the dislike for Bulstrode. By telling...

(The entire section is 777 words.)