Prelude and Book One: Miss Brooke

Prelude and Chapters 1-6
New Characters: Dorothea: 20-year-old, serious, studious, religious older sister of Celia and niece of Brooke, in whose home, Tipton Grange, both girls live

Celia: the younger, more fun-loving sister of Dorothea and niece of Brooke

Brooke: the 60-year-old uncle of both Dorothea and Celia, who brought the girls to live with him when their mother died a year ago, is considering running for Parliament

Casaubon: a 47-year-old scholar who lives in Lowick Manor and has been Brooke's friend for about ten years

Chettam: the young baronet who loves Dorothea, not realizing she does not return his love, living at Freshitt Hall


(The entire section is 804 words.)