Microsoft File

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The test of any volume designed to supplement a software manual is: Does the book merely rehash the manual’s contents or does it present useful new material? MICROSOFT FILE does the latter. After summarizing the basics of using datafiles, including MS File program-specific features, Andrews begins a “hands-on” demonstration of setting up a personnel records and payroll information datafile, using a delicatessen with twenty employees as a working example. Throughout the book, the reader is given the opportunity to work either with sample datafiles or to use them as jumping-off places for automating his or her own business.

A bicycle shop confronting growing pains is the working example for chapters dealing with computerizing inventory and ordering information. Topics covered include working with computed fields, setting up reports, incorporating pictures into datafiles, and creating mailing labels.

Next Andrews guides a small contracting firm step-by-step in automating bidding and cost-tracking procedures. Final chapters of the book deal with using File information from a mainframe and with Microsoft spreadsheet, business graphics, and word processing programs.

In teaching the reader how to use MS File at the same time he or she is setting up the basic datafiles necessary to automate a small business, this supplementary guide could prove a tremendous time-saver.