Michael Wigglesworth Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


Brack Jr., O. M. “Michael Wigglesworth and the Attribution of ‘I Walk'd and Did a Little Molehill View’.” Seventeenth-Century News 28, no. 3 (fall 1970): 41-44.

Contends that Wigglesworth is not the author of the poem, surveying the evidence of multiple editions of The Day of Doom.

Crowder, Richard. “‘The Day of Doom’ as Chronomorph.” Journal of Popular Culture 9, no. 4 (spring 1976): 948-59.

Interprets the poem through the lens of time, noting the verb tenses Wigglesworth uses to create rhythm and meaning in The Day of Doom.

———. “The Uses of Adversity and a...

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