Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Michael McClure is the author of more than twenty plays. A production in New York of The Beard (pr., pb. 1965) won Obie Awards for best play and best director. In 1978, McClure’s Josephine, the Mouse Singer was produced at the WPA Theatre in New York and won the Obie Award for Best Play of the Year.

McClure’s autobiographical novel The Mad Cub (1970) set many of the central themes, moods, and goals for his writing. Meat Science Essays (1963) provides scientific and ecological background for McClure’s other writings. Scratching the Beat Surface (1982) and Lighting the Corners (1993) offer theories of art, memoirs of the Beat generation, and interviews.

McClure’s work as an editor is revealed in Ark II, Moby I (1957) and Journal for the Protection of All Beings (1961). Performances by McClure have been recorded on video in Love Lion (1991) and in the audio recording Howls, Raps, and Roars (1993). He may also be seen in the film The Source (2000).