Michael Dorris Reviews Of Dorris's Recent Works - Essay

Reviews Of Dorris's Recent Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Patricia Guthrie (review date 30 July 1989)

SOURCE: "Alcohol's Child: A Father Tells His Tale," in The New York Times Book Review, July 30, 1989, pp. 1, 20.

[In the following review, Guthrie asserts that "the alarming statistics and consequences of fetal alcohol syndrome are skillfully interwoven with the human story of one of its victims in The Broken Cord.]

In 1971, Michael Dorris, 26 years old and unmarried, was living in an isolated Indian community in Alaska, doing fieldwork for his doctorate in anthropology. Realizing that "in a world of 'we,' I was an 'I'" he decided that he wanted to be a father. Lacking a partner, Mr. Dorris decided to...

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