Michael Dorris Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Lyman, Rick. "Troubling Death Brings Plea for Respect, not Sensation." New York Times (18 April 1997): A14.

Interview with Dorris's estranged wife, Louise Erdrich, who reveals that the author had battled with depression and suicidal thoughts for over a decade.

Streitfield, David. "Writer Was Suspected of Child Abuse." Washington Post (16 April 1997): D1.

Overview of Dorris's last years of life, including speculation as to the cause of his suicide and statements from friends defending him against child abuse charges.


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Flynn praises Dorris's Morning Girl.

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Review of Michael Dorris's Working Men, which Graham praises, describing it as an "honest, engaging collection."

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Review of Paper Trail, admiring how Dorris "moves from the popular to the academic, from the intimate to the public, with an ease that makes him seem the sort of man we should cherish as an advisor, a teacher, even a friend."

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Investigates the "problematization of identity production" in The Crown of Columbus.

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Faults Dorris's storytelling techniques in Working Men.