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Micah Clarke

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Micah Clarke, a young English Puritan who enlists in the forces of the duke of Monmouth when that nobleman makes his bid for the English throne in 1685. A strong, able, and honest man, Clarke becomes a captain of infantry, goes on various missions for the usurper, and is captured when Monmouth is defeated. He is ransomed by his friend Decimus Saxon and goes to the Continent to be a mercenary soldier.

Reuben Lockarby

Reuben Lockarby, Clarke’s close friend. Although himself a strong Anglican, he joins Clarke out of friendship as a member of Monmouth’s forces. He becomes a captain of infantry.

Decimus Saxon

Decimus Saxon, a mercenary soldier who becomes a colonel under the duke of Monmouth. He enlists Clarke in the pretender’s cause. He rescues Clarke by ransoming him with money taken from the duke of Beaufort by blackmail.

Sir Gervas

Sir Gervas, a London dandy who has gone through his fortune. He joins Clarke and his friends as a follower of Monmouth.

Sir Jacob Clancy

Sir Jacob Clancy, a hermit who lost his estates through helping Charles II regain the English throne. He sends money and a warning to the duke of Monmouth by the hand of Clarke.

The duke of Monmouth

The duke of Monmouth, the leader of the Protestant insurrection against James II. His forces are defeated, and he is captured and beheaded.

Stephen Timewell

Stephen Timewell, a wealthy wool merchant and mayor of Taunton. As an anti-Catholic, he helps the duke of Monmouth in the preparations to unseat James II.

Ruth Timewell

Ruth Timewell, Stephen’s daughter, who is courted by Reuben.

The duke of Beaufort

The duke of Beaufort, the lord of Wales, who agrees to support Monmouth if Monmouth’s forces can get to Bristol. En route there, they are intercepted by the king’s army at Sedgemoor and defeated.

Joseph Clarke

Joseph Clarke, Micah Clarke’s father, a Puritan. He is a veteran of the English civil war of the 1640’s, in which he fought under Oliver Cromwell.

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