Metro Girl Summary
by Janet Evanovich

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Metro Girl

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Alex Barnaby, a small claims adjuster from Baltimore, gets a call from her brother Bill (“Wild Bill”) in Florida saying he is in trouble. She hears a woman scream as the call is cut off, and when she fails to get a further response she flies to Miami to discover what happened.

Bill has disappeared, his apartment has been ransacked twice, and his friend Sam Hooker (NASCAR Guy) is missing his three million dollar yacht, The Happy Hooker. Sam thinks Bill has stolen it and run off with the local mob leader’s girlfriend in search of hidden treasure.

Alex, who was brought up helping in her father’s garage, knows more about cars than NASCAR Guy. They make an unlikely couple as they search for Wild Bill, she thinking only of saving her brother from the goons chasing him and Sam thinking only of finding his boat . . . and sex. Soon their worries expand to recovering a fortune in gold and a warhead filled with deadly nerve gas from the ocean floor just off the coast of Cuba.

Fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels will recognize in Metro Girl that NASCAR Guy takes the place of Ranger, forty-something big- bootied Rosa from the cigar factory is a substitute for Lula, and sixty-ish friend Felicia stands in for Grandma--complete with a hidden gun that she is not afraid to use. Laugh- out-loud moments abound as the mismatched crime solvers try to save themselves--and the world--from the Cuban loyalists who want to acquire the warhead.