The Metamorphosis Part 3, Division 1: Summary and Analysis

Franz Kafka

Part 3, Division 1: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Three Lodgers: the three bearded men who rent a room in the Samsa apartment

Cleaning Woman (Charwoman): the woman who takes on the job of cleaning out the protagonist’s room in Part 3

Part 3, Division 1 covers the action from a description of Gregor’s worsening physical condition to the concert Grete gives for the three gentlemen lodgers. One month has elapsed from the time Mr. Samsa injured Gregor with the apple.

The apple decaying in Gregor’s back has made him extremely weak and has greatly limited his physical movement. He is almost completely incapacitated now, but he can lie in the silence of his room and listen in on the conversations...

(The entire section is 2659 words.)