The Metamorphosis Part 2, Division 1: Summary and Analysis

Franz Kafka

Part 2, Division 1: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Household Cook: the woman who asks to be dismissed from her job

Part 2, Division 1 covers the action of the story from twilight of the same day to the removal of Gregor’s furniture from his room.

When Gregor wakes up it is twilight. He is immediately drawn to the smell of food in his room and sees a basin of milk with little pieces of bread floating around in it. The sight of the food makes him happy because he knows that no one else but his sister, Grete, left it for him and because she knows that milk is his favorite drink. Instead of drinking the milk, however, Gregor discovers that he has lost his appetite for it and he leaves the milk alone. He also...

(The entire section is 2541 words.)