The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book V: Questions and Answers


Book V: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who was the first person to disturb the festivities at the wedding of Perseus and Andromeda?

2. What was the reason for the provocation?

3. What did Andromeda’s father point out?

4. Describe the fates of Athis and Lycabas.

5. How did Perseus dispatch Erytus?

6. Were there any neutrals present? What happened to them?

7. How did Perseus finally defeat Phineus?

8. Describe the treachery of Pyreneus.

9. Name some geographic terms that are “explained” by incidents in this Book.

10. What is peculiar in the way in which the Muses conduct their contest?

1. Phineus, brother of Andromeda’s father, disturbed the festivities.

2. He claimed that Andromeda had been promised to him. (This detail was added by Ovid.)

3. Cepheus pointed out that, without Perseus, the girl would now be dead.

4. The two boys, dear companions, were brutally slain by Perseus.

5. Perseus hit Erytus over the head with a large mixing-bowl.

6. Several would-be neutrals were also killed.

7. Perseus finally turned Phineus into stone by forcing him to look at Medusa.

8. Pyreneus offered protection to the Muses and then attacked them sexually.

9. To mention just a few: the Pyrenees, Arethusa, Cyane, Mt. Etna, and Sicily.

10. They act as contestants, judges, jury, and executioners of the punishment.