The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book II: Questions and Answers


Book II: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What was the central imagery of the artwork on the gate on the Palace of the Sun?

2. Who or what were the companions of the Sun-god sitting on his throne?

3. Why did Phaethon ask for his fatal ride, and why did his father permit it?

4. Why is the Tiber, a small river, included in the list of great rivers?

5. How did the “almighty father” terminate the catastrophe of Phaethon’s folly?

6. Why did Jove descend to Arcady?

7. What is the significance of the fact that Callisto and Arcas must be “kept out of the water?”

8. How is Apollo’s grief over Coronis different from human grief?

9. What is the irony of the fate of the goddess Envy?

10. What were the transgressions of Aglauros?

1. Vulcan decorated it with images of the sea and creatures inhabiting the sea.

2. The god was attended by Days, Months, Years, Centuries, Hours, and Seasons.

3. The son was guilty of hubris, arrogant pride, imagining himself in the same class as his divine father; the father agreed out of overly permissive love.

4. The city of Rome, where Ovid and the emperor live, is on the Tiber.

5. Jove hurled his thunderbolt.

6. The god came to Arcady to assess the damage done by Phaethon’s disastrous fall and the fire which resulted.

7. The constellations of the Big Bear and Little Bear never set in the sea.

8. Gods cannot weep.

9. Envy’s successes are self-defeating; in hurting a mortal, she pleases a goddess.

10. She was guilty of disobedience and indiscretion, prying into Minerva’s secret, looking at the “boy without a mother.” She was also greedy and envious of her sister.