The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book XV: Summary and Analysis


Book XV: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Numa: king of Rome after Quirinis

Croton: hero who entertained Hercules; namesake of Crotona

Myscelus: founder of Crotona

Pythagoras: Greek philosopher; born in Samos and migrated to Crotona

Euphorbus: a brave Trojan who is killed

Helenus: advises Aeneas about the future

Thyestes: brother of Atreus—fed on the flesh of his sons

Egeria: wife of Numa

Hippolytus: son of Theseus and the Ammazon Hippolyta; tells his story to Egeria

Phaedra: stepmother of Theseus

Paeon: son of Apollo; inherits the god’s healing power and applies it to Aesculapius

Virbius: the name by whick...

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