The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book XIV: Summary and Analysis


Book XIV: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Dido: queen of Carthage

Acestes: a Sicilian king of Trojan descent

Iris: messenger of Juno

Sibyl (Sibylla): priestess of Apollo at his temple

Caieta: old nurse of Aeneas

Macareus: companion of Ulysses

Achaemenides: companion of Ulysses

Aeolus: king of the winds

Antiphates: king of the Lestrygonians

Polites, Eurylochus and Elpenor: messengers of Ulysses to Circe

Cyllenius: Mercury; named after his birthplace

Picus: son of Saturn, a local god

Canens: a nymph loved by Picus

Turnus: a king of the Rutuli in Italy, and a rival of Aeneas for Lavinia’s...

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