The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book XIII: Summary and Analysis


Book XIII: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Palamedes: Greek warrior who tells tales about Ulysses and is cleverly betrayed by him

Philoctetes: friend of Hercules; heir to his bow and arrows

Rhesus: Thracian king; prevened from reaching Troy by Ulysses

Dolon: a Phrygian spy slain by Ulysses

Helenus: son of Priam with the gift of augury; captured by Ulysses

Diomedes: king of Argos; frequent companion of Ulysses

Pyrrhus: son of Achilles; his mother is a princess of Scyros, where Achilles was hidden to prevent him from going to war

Teucer: half-brother of Ajax; cousin of Achilles

Telephus: wounded then cured by Achilles

Antenor: Trojan chief,...

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