The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book XII: Summary and Analysis


Book XII: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Priam: the last king of Troy

Hector: Priam’s most valiant son

Paris: another son of Priam; his abduction of Helen leads to the Trojan War

Calchas: an interpreter of dreams

Nereus: a sea god or the sea itself

Agamemnon: king of Mycanae; leader of the Greek forces against Troy

Iphigenia: daughter of Agamemnon

Protesilaus: first victim of the war

Cygnus: one of several heroes with the same name; each is changed into a swan

Menoetes: a victim of Achilles

Nestor: king of Pylos

Caeneus: born a girl, Caenis, and changed into a male; invinvible hero

Ixion: king of the...

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