The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book X: Summary and Analysis


Book X: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Orpheus: a great musician; son of the muse Calliope

Ixion, Tityos, and the Daughters of Belus: sufferers in the underworld—the world of the dead
Eurydice: wife of Orpheus

Pluto (Hades): god of the world of the dead, called the underworld or Dis

Charon: boatmen whose cargo is the souls of the dead

Attis: a beautiful shepherd beloved by the goddess Cybele

Cyparissus: a handsome young man believed to have been invented by Ovid

Ganymede: a beautiful boy abducted by Jove to be a cupbearer

Hyacinthus: believed of Apollo; probably pre-dates the Olympic pantheon

Propoetides: formerly sacred women of Cyprus...

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