The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book VII: Summary and Analysis


Book VII: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Minyans (Minyae): An ancient, pre-Hellenic people whose domain is the starting point for the Argonauts, who are called the Minyae in the Metamorphoses

Phineus: a Thracian king; a blind prophet tormented by harpies and rescued by the sons of Boreas (different from the Phineus in Book V.)

Harpies: monstrous birds with women’s faces

Jason: leader of the Argonauts; son of Aeson

Phrixus: son of Athamas and Nephele; stepson of Ino; flees from stepmother’s schemes with his sister, Helle, on a golden ram; arriving in Colchis, he sacrifices the ram and gives its golden fleece to King Aeetes, the father of Medea

Medea: the daughter of...

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