The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book VI: Summary and Analysis


Book VI: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Arachne: girl of humble origins whose weaving skills are masterly; she arouses the envy and anger of Pallas Athena and they compete to weave the most beautiful tapestry

Asterie, Leda, Alcmene, Danae, Aegina, Mnemosyne: women who were courted, seduced or raped by Jove; their stories are woven into a tapestry by Arachne

Melantho: ravaged by Neptune

Niobe: queen of Thebes, mother of many children, wife of Amphion; daughter of Dione and Tantalus; her children are slain because of her arrogance; she is turned into a stone by Jove

Latona (Leto): mother of Apollo and Diana, with Jove

Marsyas: a satyr who falls victim to Apollo’s music-related...

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