The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book V: Summary and Analysis


Book V: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Phineus: uncle of Andromeda and her promised husband

Cepheus: father of Andromeda, with Cassiope

Proteus: a sea god

Polydectes: ruler of the tiny island of Seriphos; an antagonist of Perseus

Urania: one of the nine Muses; daughter of Jove

Pegasus: enchanted horse who makes a stream appear on the land by striking his hoof on the ground; born from the blood of the Medusa

Pyreneus: king of Thrace

Pierus and Euippe: their daughters opposed Minerva and became magpies

Thyphoeus: a giant; a foe of the Olympian gods

Calliope: chief of the nine Muses, she is associated with epic poetry and songs; the...

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