The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book IX: Summary and Analysis


Book IX: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Hercules: a celebrated hero. known for his strength; son of Jove with Alcmena

Nessus: a centaur in love with Deinaira

Iole: a princess captured by Hercules

Lichas: a servant of Deinaira

Geryon, Cerberus, Hydra, etc.: victims of Hercules during his Twelve Labors

Philoctetes: son of Poeas; friend of Hercules

Eurystheus: king of Mycenae; at Juno’s command, imposes the Twelve Labors on Hercules

Hyllus: son of Hercules

Ilithyia (Lucina): goddess of childbirth

Galanthis: servant girl of Alcmena

Dryope: half-sister of Alcmena; mother of Amphissus with Apollo; married by Andraemon


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